Renee Hoyos Responds to Burchett Interview

Pay-to-play may be the Washington way, but East Tennesseans deserve better 

In the October 25th issue of the Knoxville News Sentinel, Representative Tim Burchett is quoted as saying: 

“It’s natural for people to expect results in return for payment — it happens all the time in everyday life and it’s no big deal that President Donald Trump did the same in his dealings with Ukraine.” 


Renee Hoyos, Democratic candidate for Tennessee’s 2nd District, responds:

“Pay-to-play politics and abuse of power may be “normal” for our elected officials in Washington, but it shouldn’t be. The halls of Congress should be dedicated to fighting for all – instead, we have a government of lifelong politicians who use their office to line their own pockets with wealth and power.”


“It seems almost every day now we get an example of how Congress isn’t working for working people. It works for wealthy executives and powerful special interests. It works for incumbent politicians and their high-paid political consultants. But it isn’t working for us.”

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