KNAACP Petition to Support Housing for Homeless

Sign Petition to City Council to Approve Supportive Housing for Homeless in Knoxville

Volunteer Ministry Center (VMC)  proposes to build affordable rental housing with supportive services on city-owned property on Fifth Avenue.  It will also purchase and renovate the next door Positively Living Building to help meet the gap in housing and supportive services for the homeless.

The full project would provide 47 one-bedroom apartments for single men and women.  It would have a secure entrance with a 24/7 attendant present.  Services would include on-site case-management and 24/7 clinical services on call.  Individuals on methamphetamine or sex-offender registries are not eligible.

The site is across the street from the Knoxville Urban League GED classes, on a bus line, and near other services.Please sign the petition to show your support of the VMC proposal to house chronic homeless people by urging City Council members to approve the following:

  • Request to re-zone property to RP-1 for 24 units.
  • Request to close Myrtle Street
  • Request to transfer property to VMC.

Everyone has a fundamental human right to housing, which ensures access to a safe, secure, habitable, and affordable home.  We want to live in a city that ensures affordable housing for all residents.


2 thoughts on “KNAACP Petition to Support Housing for Homeless”

  1. Actually it’s been downzoned to 24 instead of 47. It’s also not mentioned that the current area is protected parkland and not supposedly able to be developed. I agree that more housing is needed, however there are other more viable lots or empty buildings that are more appropriate than taking protected park land that the city paid $237k for.

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