Democrat Renee Hoyos Announces Second Run for Congress in 2020

Yesterday Renee Hoyos announced her second run for Congress in 2020.

After being defeated in 2018 by 2nd District Rep. Tim Burchett she feels that her district is changing and that East Tennessee communities are moving to the left.

If elected in 2020 she would become the very first Democrat to ever represent East Tennessee in the House of Representatives.

“Our district is changing. It’s moved towards the Democratic party in the past five election cycles,” Hoyos said in a Tuesday statement.

Hoyos receieved more votes than any Democrat in the district’s history which is fuel for her to launch her second campaign.

She grew up in Northern California where she earned two degrees from the University of California at Davis and moved to Tennessee in 2003 when she began working as Executive Director for the Tennessee Clean Water network.

She is proud of the fact that her campaign is funded by people and not Pacs and feels that the issues many East Tennesseans see as a priority are not being tackled by the current administration.

Renee Hoyos campaign website can be reached at

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