BREAKING: Knoxville District Attorney Has Case in Officer Shooting Death of Philly Pheap


KNOXVILLE—It has been released that the Knoxville District Attorney’s Office now has the case in the officer involved shooting death of Channara Tom “Philly” Pheap on August 26, 2019.

The family of Mr. Pheap has issued a statement and list of demands in the case which were recently issued to Mayor Madeline Rogero and members of City Council at the public forum on September 10th.

Their statement is as follows:

“As a family, we have mourned and buried our son, our brother, our friend Philly. We now call upon the District Attorney and her office to hold the officer to the same standards of behavior that we all must follow. Our brother Philly was unarmed when he was shot from behind by an officer who had no right to act as a judge, jury, and executioner. This is a matter of public trust , and we are particularly concerned that those investigating this incident have not been open, forthcoming, and accessible to the family. Our requests for information have been ignored or pushed to the side. The reaction of the authorities, so far, gives us great concern that the intent is for this matter to be ignored until it is forgotten.  We have no intention of giving up or forgetting. We will honor our Philly and we call upon the District Attorney to honor her obligation to see that justice is done for him” 

The families list of demands include charges being filed on Officer Dylan Williams, immediate arrest, loss of job and paid leave. They have also asked for apologies from Mayor Madeline Rogero and Police Cheif Eve Thomas and mandatory body cameras for KPD.

On August 26, Chanarra Tom Pheap was killed while shot in the back in an officer involved shooting at the block of 1716 Merchants Drive in Knoxville.

Pheap was of Cambodian decent with a daughter and two sons. He was a loving and dedicated father.

Officer Dylan M. Williams was identified as the officer involved in the altercation at Clear Springs Apartments. 

Immediate calls to action are being made in light of the District Attorney now having the investigation.

Community members who would like to see charges brought in this case may call the District Attorney General’s office at (865) 215-2515.

Angela Dennis is a Writer in Knoxville, TN and Editor for Black With No Chaser. Her work has been featured in multiple publications such as the Knox News Sentinel, Blavity, Black Girl Nerds, and many more.

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  1. Yeah it is a shame that happened I seen everything I even have the video and I can say this and also need to be fired and charges brought against him he is a animal he’s working with law enforcement as if he just want to use his authority and hurt people and then justify it

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