Black Candidates in Knoxville Matter

by Angela Dennis

There’s a busy election season in Knoxville under way with City Council and a Mayoral race this year. I believe it is important for our urban community to remember that we have some great minority candidates seeking office.

While some may feel that race has little to do with one’s qualifications, we should ask ourselves who better can understand and serve our community best than those who have truly lived and breathed the perils and struggles of the African American experience?

I’m not telling you to blindly vote. But I am telling you to do your homework.

Urban and East Knoxville particularly are hurting. Shifting our focus on this plight will serve our citizens best and help to make Knoxville a better city for all of us.

If we are going to make Knoxville great, all of our neighborhoods have to thrive.

This includes East Knoxville, Lonsdale, Mechanicsville, Burlington, and every last zip code that is economically drowning.

With revitalization efforts under way across the city and plans to restore East Knoxville we don’t want another episode of Urban Renewal 2.0

Affordable housing, gun violence, jobs, indigent care, and education are just a few of the issues that urban Knoxvillians care about. And several of our candidates are echoing those sentiments.

I think that it is critical that we understand that our votes matter and in order to affect change in communities that need it most, we need effective local leaders.

We need radical change. We’ve gone too long not getting by in a community that’s lacking resources for our children and citizens.

City Council is the Legislative body of the City of Knoxville. City voters will cast ballots in the primary race on August 27th and elect new members on November 5, 2019.

We have 4 open city council seats, with 3 at large races.  Minority candidates include:

Charles Lomax- At Large Seat A

David Hayes- At Large Seat B

Amelia Parker- At Large Seat C

Hubert (Frazier) Smith- At Large Seat C

Now that you have an idea of whom we have seeking to represent Knoxville, I urge each and every one to research and dig deep so that we can make informed decisions when we go to the voting booths in November. Local elections matter and when we have diverse candidates we need to all exercise our constitutional rights and vote collectively.

Our Presidential elections certainly carry weight, but when we want real change in our backyards we must be involved locally.

We have failing schools in East Knoxville, a need for affordable housing and safe streets free from gun violence and gang activity.

Some of our children just want to play outside.

Simply put the needs of urban America stretch far and wide, Knoxville too. Remember that on November 5th.


May 29, 2019 First day to request an absentee ballot
July 29, 2019 Final day to register to vote before election
August 7, 2019 First day of Early Voting period
August 20, 2019 Final day to request an absentee ballot
August 22, 2019 Final day of Early Voting period
August 27, 2019 ELECTION DAY


August 7, 2019 First day to request an absentee ballot
October 7, 2019 Final day to register to vote before election
October 16, 2019 First day of Early Voting period
October 29, 2019 Final day to request an absentee ballot
October 31, 2019 Final day of Early Voting period
November 5, 2019 ELECTION DAY

Angela Dennis is a Freelance Writer & Blogger in Knoxville, TN

2 thoughts on “Black Candidates in Knoxville Matter”

  1. THANK YOU for your post. Charles Al-Bawi is running for Knoxville City Council District 5. Mr. Al-Bawi is a member of Knoxville City Council Movement. He too is a minority candidate addressing the issues of urban Knoxville.

  2. I don’t know the other ones but I’ve seen Charles Lomax working hard in Knoxville and I will vote for him.

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